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Wedding Ceremonies

Traditional and Non-Traditional Ceremonies

Traditional wedding vows may be exchanged, similar to the wedding vows spoken in a church setting. Non-traditional, updated wedding vows are preferred by couples wanting a more unique and personalized exchange of vows.   The vows are generally words of commitment, love and promises of faithfulness.  

The Sea and Sky Ceremony suggests your marriage shall be as dependable as the never ending waves and as timeless as the tides; perfectly fitting for beach weddings.   A Spiritual or Christian Beach Ceremony reflects the beach setting.  

You are welcome to write your own vows and include personalized vows in any of the ceremonies, or compose the entire ceremony.

Elopement Weddings

Inexpensive elopement weddings provide a lasting memory for a fraction of the traditional wedding cost.  

Ceremony for just bride and groom or with family & friends.  Although simple, short and sweet makes it legal, the ceremony should be one that you remember as meaningful.

Vows Renewal Ceremony

A renewal of vows ceremony may be celebrated for any length of your marriage, from the first year anniversary, 10th anniversary, 25th or anytime you wish to renew wedding vows.  Renewals of vows provide a wonderful memory for couples unable to have a dream wedding for their first marriage. 

Wine ceremonies blend a red and white wine to create rose, to signify blending of lives together.  This ceremony reminds a couple that aging and mellowing are desirable qualities in wine as in life. 

Add A Unity Custom To Your Wedding Ceremony

Palm Coast Wedding Handfasting Ceremony
Palm Coast wedding Handfasting ceremony

Hand Fasting Ceremony

A Celtic custom involves the tying of hands together with a braided cord or colorful ribbons to symbolize the coming together and remaining together.  The bindings are tied, thus the term "tying the knot".

Family Medallions

After the bride and groom exchange wedding rings, the officiant describes a child's role in the marriage and how important they are to you.  Non-biological parent presents a medallion, ring or bracelet to the child as a symbol of bringing them into the new family. 

Flagler Beach Wedding Family Medallion Ceremony
Family Medallion Unity Ceremony
Daytona Beach Wedding
Daytona Beach Wedding Sand Unity Ceremony

Sand Ceremony

Sand unity ceremonies are perfect at beach weddings or outdoor weddings.  Two vessels of a different color sand are poured by bride and groom into a third vessel.  Include children with additional colors.  The unity sand ceremony represents the coming together of the couple and their families.   Your keepsake container of blended sand can be displayed as an attractive remembrance of your wedding day.

Wine Ceremony

Two carafes with red and white wine are poured by the couple into a single wine glass to create a blush or rosé. The officiant speaks about the blending of their hearts and lives together to become one family. Blended wine is then offered to the groom for the first drink, then handed to the bride to take a drink.

Wedding, Bing's Landing, Palm Coast
Wine Unity Ceremony, Bing's Landing, Palm Coast